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Spades is the game we love to play with friends and family. Our browser based online game is new and improved, optimized for Canvas(html5) and supported by virtually every web browser and even mobile devices. It has kept all the selections you once enjoyed such as the ability to play with wild cards, bid nil, play with overs and scoring to 250 or 500 points.

Our game also has chat which gives the game a great social feel, like sitting around a card table at home and chatting with friends or rubbing in that last win against opponents.

Try our game and let us know what you think. Be aware we are doing frequent updates and everything is subject to change. As you play our version of spades online we ask that you be kind to others and have fun.

To all those who kept after me all this time, I must say, thank you. Without your devotion and support, I never would have tried this again. So tell your friends, the old game is back with a new flare and enthusiasm. Oh yeah, some have commented on the bots being a bit meaner. Not yet, lol.

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Spades Online is free, fun and easy. Nothing to download or Install. We have a few rooms available for you to enjoy. Give it try!

Any suggestions are welcome, especially while we ramp up this new game. Come on in and check out the game, invite a friend and please, have fun.